On Friday, a Cushing resident received a phone call from a caller claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service. The caller, who was described as a Middle Eastern descent male, advised that his name was Jonathan Knight and he was calling to let the citizen know that an arrest warrant had been issued, due to an unaddressed tax issue. Today, the citizen made contact with a male subject claiming to be Knight. Knight knew the citizen’s name, date of birth, and tax preparers information.

The citizen realizing that this might be a scam, refused to provide any personal information. After further follow-up by both the citizen and Cushing Police, we were able to confirm that it was in fact a scam. It should be noted that the unknown caller called from 571-210-5961, which is listed on numerous websites as a scam phone number.

“As with any scam, the key is to not provide the caller with any personal information”, “I commend the actions of our citizen to limit this information” Chief Folden said.

If anyone has questions or believe that they are being scammed you are urged to contact the Cushing Police Department at 918-225-1212.