Mary Lee Warren, the executive Director of Judith Karman Hospice visits with KUSH on The Business Spotlight.

Judith Mueller Karman was a young wife and mother who died of breast cancer at a very young age, 39. Before her death in 1979, Judith asked that a memorial be established to fund a hospice program.

Mary Lee Warren the executive director of Judith Karmen hospice shared with us her story. Judith Karman had a very unique and clear vision of what she wanted in her hospice program. For instance she was a hugger, she would hold the hands of the patients and really wanted get to know them. Personally. Judith Karman wanted her organization to be non-profit.

It’s a beautiful story.

You can read more about her by visiting their website at

Mrs. Mary Lee Warren has been the executive director for Judith Karman Hospice for over 20 years. April 15th will be the 30th anniversary of Judith Karman Hospice. It is the oldest hospice in the U.S. On April 4th &5th there will be a Blaze A Thon at the Elks Lodge in Stillwater and for more information you can call (404) 377-8012.

Mary Lee Warren is one of those people you meet, fall in love with and go “Thank you God” for having had the opportunity. Before the show we were able to get to know each other a little bit. Her smile, warmth and unassuming intelligence immediately captivated. me. By the time the show started I knew I had met yet another person in out community that was astounding. The show went so well, because of her, which is usually the case with my guests. As some of you may not know, I am new at interviewing, I am not very good at it, but feel very very privileged to be the one allowed to bring these awesome individuals to your attention. Clearly she is gifted in her occupation. She shared with us her pride in the nurses, volunteers and staff of Judith Karman Hospice. She is still in touch with all of the family of Judith Karman. She shared with us the premise of the hospice service, that there were never any cost to the patient, and she told us how we could help. You can hold a hand, walk the dog, clean or cook for them, and so much more. Giving of yourself seems to rightfully boomerang We talked a lot about Karmans Korner at 915 S. Main St. in Stillwater. Patients of Judith Karman Hospice never receive a bill however sometimes the costs that are not covered by Medicare or insurance so the proceeds from the resale, shop, Karmans Korner, are able to compensate for those expenses. The staff at Karmans Korner are volunteer and the items are all donated. You can call them at (405)377-6410.

Mary Lee Warren is a very happily married woman of a college professor who will be retiring soon. Their plans are to travel. Over the years they were able to visit many foreign countries and have plans to revisit some of them as well as exploring other places such as the Grand Canyon.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs. Warren for being on our show and hopefully she will come back to share with us what she calls “Happy Accidents.” . Those are blessed encounters or experiences during her travels or sometimes just in every day life. You GO GIRL!! Just please come back!