What a fun show this week was on the Business Spotlight as I got up close and personal with Jim Daves from American Welding Supply and Justin Alberty from GRDA.

Mr. Jim Daves, who insisted I call him Jim, is a genuine gentleman and was a lot of fun to interview.  American Welding Supply is one of our family-owned and operated businesses that I am so passionate about everyone supporting.

It is located at 1502 E. Main Street in beautiful Cushing.  If you think I carry on about what a great city Cushing is you ought to hear Jim!  He makes no bones about loving Cushing.

Jim started the American Welding Supply 32 years ago.  And most everyone knows his beautiful wife Barbara as the former owner of Vickies.  His two sons Wayne and Kevin handle the biggest part of the family business now – with the help of Gary and J.D.  I have to say that Wayne and Kevin Daves are two of the nicest people in Cushing.  I wanted to interview them, however they were just too busy (or maybe too shy) to come on the Business Spotlight, so they offered up “Dad” instead. 

Without hesitation, Jim agreed to come and share the details of the welding supply business as well as a little of his personal life

I told Jim how much I enjoy visiting with “the girls” when I go into American Welding.  He said his secretary Becky Roe has been with him for 34 years – all the way back to when he was managing Bray Lines.  Kathy, the other secretary, is a five time fairy godmother.  Now, you really want to ask Kathy about being a fairy godmother – it’s such a cool and fun idea.

Until the show, I had never met Jim.  But as I went about my daily business and telling others who was going to be my next guest, the response I got around town told me that Jim Daves is well-respected and loved by many in the community.

One of the passions in Jim’s life is serving on the board of the Cushing Regional Hospital.  He expressed the joy he finds in that position and the pride he has in the achievements of the hospital and all those involved.

After the show, Jim told me he enjoyed the interview and I must say, I felt honored to have him on the Business Spotlight.  I’m also proud to have gotten to know yet another accomplished and amazing person right here in our wonderful city.

American Welding Supply has earned the respect of the community for their hard work and “Just Do It!”  Try Local First!  Sheet metal, welding supplies, fire resistant clothing and much more. 

Get you some of it!

Thank you Jim, you were a great guest!


GRDA was in the Business Spotlight on the second half of the show.

Justin Alberty was one of my first guests EVER.  He came on when the show was new.  You can go into the KUSH archives to read the story on GRDA and just how amazing they are.

A lot of us may just think of them as simply electric suppliers, however GRDA does so much more.  I think you, too will be surprised to know about all their achievements, projects and diverse involvements they have in Oklahoma as well as some of the surrounding states.

I want to mention the main topics we talked about on the show:  the presence of Zebra Mussels is a threat, so wash your boats; GRDA plays a huge role in encouraging lake safety – often GRDA lake patrol gives out T-shirts to those “caught” wearing a life jacket; they are working on the construction of a new center and finally, their upcoming quarterly magazine.  I happen to love it.  You will be able to pick a copy up at the Cushing Chamber of Commerce.  It has a lot a valuable and interesting information.

I also want to mention that tours of the Pensacola Dam are given during the week.  However, after Memorial Day, they will also be available on the weekends.  Justin shared some of the history and details of the dam, including the amazing architecture.  It really is amazing and a must-see for history buffs and Oklahoma lovers.

You can go to www.GRDA.com to find out more about all of these topics and so much more that GRDA is involved in.

I have learned so much about GRDA since going to work for KUSH and they are an amazing company.  Representatives Justin Alberty and Shannon Cook are not only very interesting, but they clearly enjoy their jobs and are very passionate about the company they work for.

Thank you GRDA and Justin Alberty!  Next time bring your golf clubs and I’ll take you to the Perry Maxwell-designed golf course at the third oldest country club in the state – oh and it’s haunted, too!

(In case you’re wondering – that would be the Cushing Country Club!)