(Cushing, Okla.)   This poem was submitted to us by a lady in Cushing who obviously has a great respect and love for our veterans – Vivian Lauderdale Martin.  Vivian, who just recently celebrated her 90th birthday, has written many things over the years, but this must be one of the most timeless and poignant ones.  Enjoy!  And remember to thank a veteran.

Echo of Veterans

Americans, listen!  Listen for echoes!  Reverberating on this Veterans Day.

Echoes of battlefields, stained with the blood of our service men and women as they struggled to keep our country safe for all people.

Free for a tomorrow they would not see but confident their beliefs and trust in God would provide freedom and happiness to all people in America.

Listen for echoes from the battlefields where good men and women gave their lives for faith in our nation and what it stands for so other nations can have the same freedoms.

All brave soldiers united in a time when religion, society and government were the hope of the country and not hindered by hypocrisy and bureaucracy.

Listen! It is echoes of voices from those battlefields telling us to renew our trust and confidence in this heritage that has survived more than 234 years.

We pray for this Nation to be strong and for these echoes to gain momentum becoming louder and louder until they become a mighty roar as


Thank you, VETERANS!

By Vivian Lauderdale Martin