In honor of Valentine’s Day, Steer Inn and KUSH radio held a Name This Pie Contest during a live broadcast from Steer Inn.  As KUSH Business Spotlight hosts Angela Britton and Bobby Bryant, urged listeners to “come join the fun,” Donna Judd and Molly Payne of The Donna and Molly Show selected five willing “victims” – blind folding each of them and giving them a taste of the featured “pie.”   All five came up with their name for the luscious dessert.  “Pie maker” Ann Stewart was given the difficult task of selected THE name for the pie.

Participating in the contest were: Terri Cross, “Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch,” Police Chief Terry Brannon, “Chocolate Bear Rollover,” Emily Collum, “Peanut Butter Cup Paradise,” Vincent De Salvo, “Chocolate Butterfinger Pie,” and last but certainly not least – taster Diane Hillyard Brown with the winning name “Sweet Mother of Peanut Butter.”

Brown received a gift card from Steer Inn and a piece of that Sweet Mother of Peanut Butter pie.  Although not technically a pie, the luscious dessert will please any chocolate and peanut butter fan. 

Not only is Brown a fan of luscious desserts, she is a fan of words.  She is currently in the process of looking for a publisher for her book, “Aces and Eights.” 

“I call it a Harlequin Romance on nitrous oxide,” Brown laughed.  “A little romance, a little humor.”

Brown said she has almost finished a second novel and has a third one outlined. 

As for dessert maker Ann Stewart, she is always looking for new desserts to “wow” Steer Inn customers.  KUSH and Steer Inn will continue to join forces with more “Name This Pie” contests.  Stay tuned to the Donna and Molly Show, weekdays 7 – 10 a.m. as well as this website, to find out when, where and how to participate.