Lion Gerald Hall was in charge of the Lion’s Club program held at noon on Tuesday.  Gerald invited Interim Pastor, Joe Williams of Cushing’s First Baptist Church, Gerald’s church home, to speak to the club.  
Brother Joe made his way to the podium, Bible in hand and began to speak.  He started out by saying that before he making his way to serve the First Baptist Church, he served as a Chaplin for the FBI in Oklahoma City and has administered to the masses left in the wake of such national tragedies including the OKC Bombing at the Murrah Building, the Twin Towers terrorist event in New York City and the Katrina Hurricane – as well as other times of need. Brother Joe has worked closely with the FBI since approximately 1982.  His service of pastoral care within the Circle Blue ( assisting peace officers from all types of fields within the justice system) has certainly left him with experiences that he has used in the last year, to conduct eleven conferences in various states and countries, in aiding law enforcement with the area of spiritual guidance. During the Twin Towers tragedy, he worked with local residents and churches surrounding the ground zero area for months and his wife joined him during part of his stay.  His wife was diagnosed with cancer during his service to New York City and passed away in 2003.

Williams humbly stated that his experiences have been “a tremendous opportunity” and remembers one Bible passage in particular that stayed in his mind during the tragic events of the Twin Towers terrorist attack in New York City.
As he read the passage from Psalms 139, his words spoke to the hearts of the Lions Club members on Tuesday.