Cushing High School has some of the best and bright kids in the State of Oklahoma I believe. How do I know? I know because we have an awesome band program.

Every year students who have completed at least Beginning Band at CMS are allowed to enter the high school band provided they are a high school Freshmen or higher. Starting in mid-August, the band begins Marching. This may seem easy, but believe me when I say it’s not! This year’s drum major (student who directs the band during marching competitions and football games) was Weston Linder, a Senior saxophone player. The band received a II (2 or Excellent) out of V (5) with I (1) being the highest at State Marching.

This year, we have had several people place for honor bands (bands for which you learn the music and then audition for a place in). For the Oklahoma Small School All State Band, Moriah Donaldson, Bethany Ragle, and Koln Wright all chaired (placed). For the Oklahoma Baptist University Honor Bands (Junior High and High School) Cheyenne Queen, Mikaela Talent, Roger Osiek, Daniel Smith, Joseph Jantz, Moriah Donaldson, Koln Wright, Bethany Ragle, and Weston Linder all chaired. For the East Central Honor Bands (Junior High and High School) Moriah Donaldson, Mary Nishimuta, Kristi Bradley, Koln Wright, Weston Linder, Bethany Ragle, Tory Grose, Mikaela Talent, Cheyenne Queen, Roger Osiek, Daniel Smith, and Joseph Jantz all chaired. For the Cimarron Valley Honor Band (9th graders only), Mikaela Talent, Cheyenne Queen, Daniel Smith, and Joseph Jantz all chaired. For the Cimarron Valley Jazz Honor Band, Weston Linder, Fabian Ludwig, Joseph Jantz, Tory Grose, and Adam Worden all chaired.

This year, the band has succeeded once again, for the 15th time in a row, to qualify for the State Contest. We are not competing against other bands, but we are competing against standards. At District Contest, which Cushing hosts, the band received straight I’s (1s) which is the highest ranking you can receive. This is all 3 judges for our overall stage performance, and the judge who graded us for sight reading (how well we read a piece upon first seeing it). Let’s hope Cushing will prevail again and bring home a State superior! We also had several students qualify for state solo and ensemble contest. These students, except for ensembles of three or more, had to memorize a solo and play it in front of a judge with Mrs. White playing the piano accompaniment. Thank you Mrs. White!!

The CHS Band program is very stable and very, very stable. Good luck to the band and the soloists and ensemble!