Music, lights, and a hub of activity were all signs of the new Wal-Mart Super Center’s Grand Opening on Wednesday morning.

Veterans presented a flag to the new facility, prayer was given by Reverend John Baumert, and music was provided by the Boyle Brothers – during the day long celebration of Wal-Mart’s relocation to 3100 East Main, as a Super Center.

Wal-Mart commended the following employees with plaques for their years spent with the Wal-Mart family:

Anne Cox – 26 years

Tonya Jauch – 25 years

Carylon Sumpter – 24 years

Wanda Rogers – 24 years

Lydia Lair – 24 years

Lisa Simpson – 23 years

Linda Thomas – 23 years

Earl Greene – 21 years

Dawna Flatt – 19 years

Kristi Nicholas – 19 years

Georgia Frazier – 19 years

Shirley Rafferty – 18 years

Wilma Boyle – 17 years

Heubert Oestmann – 17 years

Jan Clift – 16 years

Connie Lee – 16 years

Becky Fowler – 16 years

JoAnn Bernard – 15 years

Lila Cates – 15 years

Jean Bustamante – 15 years

Verna Ledgerwood – 13 years

Cheryl Hainsey – 12 years

Melinda Hockemeyer – 12 years

Charles Simonson – 12 years

April Ritcheson – 10 years

Terry Howard – 10 years

Wal-Mart Store Manager Yvain Bro also introducted the facility’s Management Team:

Regional Market Manager – Kelvin Lynch

Market Manager – Chad Rhor

Operations/Homelines Assistant Manager – Sissie Kelly

Hardlines Assistant Manager – Scotty Green

Photo Lab/Elect Assistant Manger – Jeremy Porter

Apparel Assistant Manager – Stephanie Loveland

Grocery Assistant Manager – Greg Miller

Fresh Area Assistant Manager – Alicia Stanley

O/N Assistant Managers – Yolanda Conklin and Crystal Baker

Pharmacist – Kerri Claxton and John Lemley

Support Managers – Charles Simonson, Geneva Bodiford, Katherine Kelly and Tonya Jauch

The Grand Opening celebration will continue throughout the day as managers and employees settle into serving the Cushing area and neighboring communities in their new facility.

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