Meghan Beede, 2007 Cushing Community Rodeo Queen, will be turning over the reins July 12th – the final night of this year’s rodeo. But don’t be surprised if you see her sporting that crown again one day.

“I would love to run for queen again,” Meghan said. “This year went so fast, I just didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do.”

It’s no wonder, 14-year-old Meghan is involved in many things: cheerleading, chorus, trail riding – even a brief stint at wrestling – are all part of her repertoire. But her eyes really light up when she talks about the time spent riding her horse – Reno.

“It is so cool being on his back, swimming through water,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. “At first it was kinda scary, but when I relaxed it was so fun.” Meghan noted that it is very important to first be able to trust your horse. Much of what she has learned about horsemanship has come from her mentor and dear friend, Leora Barrows. “She’s like my hero,” Meghan said. “She tells me I’m like her adopted granddaughter.”

Meghan’s love for horses began at a tender age. “I’ve liked horses since I was a little kid. When I was four, my dad started taking me riding,” she said. “Dad” is Danny Beede of Mannford.

More recently Meghan started learning to barrel race – until her instructor moved – which made it more difficult for her to continue lessons. “I would still like to learn,” she said.

Last year Meghan worked tenaciously to win the honor of Rodeo Queen. “I went door to door selling tickets,” she said proudly. “Sometimes it was in the pouring rain – sometimes it was just really hot.” Whatever it took – raffles, booths, flyers, letters to businesses – she marketed herself and the rodeo. It paid off in the end – $4500 in ticket sales – one of the highest amounts ever sold by a candidate.

“I was so excited when I won,” she said. “I didn’t think I could do it. I’ve loved representing Cushing and the rodeo.”

What would her advice be for the next rodeo queen?

“Do as much as you can while you’re queen. And have fun with it. A year sure does go by fast…”

Meghan Beede is the daughter of Nicole and Eric Moody of Cushing and the sister to Chris, Isiah and Makayla Moody. She will be entering ninth grade at Cushing High School where she is a cheerleader. She is also a member of the Oak Grove Baptist Church.