Each Tuesday night local musicians known for making regular appearances at the Tuesday Night Music Club, combined with new talent, meet up to experience the relaxed atmosphere of DJ Duncan’s home on Broadway.  Most Tuesdays you’ll find me hanging out, enjoying the local talents and recruiting musicians to perform during our local music segment, 8:30 – 10a.m. of the Donna & Molly Show Thankful Thursday episodes.

Listeners are in for a treat this Thursday, April 28 – as we’ll be taking our Thankful Thursday episode to the fantastic atmosphere of the Brickhouse Studio, located on the corner of Broadway and Cleveland – courtesy of Joe Kennedy.

Seven musicians, all having performed at the TNMC, will perform in the freestyle ease of what has become a standard each Tuesday night on Broadway.  

Our show will start as it always does shortly after 7 am.  We’ll gab a bit, celebrate local birthdays with the iconic KUSH birthday jingle, read “The Stars” and banter a bit…. but at 9 am we will move into a music segment much like that of a TNMC gathering.   Seasoned musicians Rick Reiley, Gene Collier, Scott Stone and Tim Bays will be joined by younger musicians – Nokosee Fields, Jake Jones and CHS student, Shandee Allen to perform original tunes and cover songs until noon. 

If you’ve heard the rumor that the Tuesday Night Music Club is all the rave, here is your opportunity to get a taste of just some of the fantastic local TNMC talent, young and old, performing at the Brickhouse Studios located in beautiful downtown Cushing! 

You can tune in to 1600 AM on your radio dial or you can click on the “Listen Live” ad located on the right side of the News page to listen via streaming.

Mr. Kelly (also a regular at TNMC), Molly and I hope you enjoy the show!  This is the KUSH Girls big chance to be Brickhouse Queens for a day at Joe’s place.  It’s always a treat to hang at the Brickhouse Studio!

Don’t forget to check out the Brickhouse Studio and ProEvents website at: