Submitted by Lion Richard Thackray

(Cushing, Okla) — This past Tuesday’s weekly meeting of the Cushing Lions Club found Dr. Gary Detrich, a local veterinarian, wearing a different hat as he addressed the members of the club at the Steer Inn.

Over thirty years ago Dr. Detrich had a vision of helping those less fortunate enjoy a Thanksgiving just like everyone else.  Back in the days a local food market ran a holiday special where for every $100 dollars of receipts presented to the store during the promotion they would supply a turkey. Dr. Detrich collected as many receipts he could and had enough turkeys to feed about 75 people and that was enough to get him hooked.

As many of those who serve others will tell you that there is a special feeling you get volunteering and that is why they say “It is better to give than to receive.” Every year volunteers would peel the potatoes, make the stuffing, and prepare about five gallons of gravy. Soon it got so big that Dr. Detrich had to turn to a commercial company and have them prepare it as they do in our school systems. Last year the
Community Thanksgiving Dinner fed about 480 people and this year he estimates about 500.

In the past, just one ad in the newspaper was all that was necessary to get the word out seeking volunteers and financial support. Nowadays there are so many avenues in social media that there are too many avenues to reach everyone.  Last year was the first year that he came up short in people and finances.

We still have time to help and you can do so by contacting Gary at 918-225-5344 and let him know how you can help. There are opportunities the night before Thanksgiving as well as Thanksgiving Day. Dinner will be held at the CHS Field House from 11:30-1:00 with preparation before and cleanup after.

Why not make this year the year you get the chance to feel the feeling of giving?

You just might get hooked.