By Richard Thackray
(Cushing, Okla) — Since the last post of “Talking Trash” a lot has happened in our city, our country, our world. The Corvid19 virus has taken over the world interfering with our daily lives and causing economic havoc. Many will sit around and say “I’m just one small fish in this giant ocean. There’s nothing I can do about this!” Well think back two years ago when Cushing was under about 24,000 lbs of unwanted litter blowing around and believe it or not causing economic havoc. Cushing came together with a plan called Cushing Pride. Cushing Pride put together a plan called “Adopt-A-Block” and together all us “little fish” turned the tide on littering and today you can drive around our city and be proud of the change. Let’s take this same attitude on fighting this virus. Let’s pool together and do our part to get through this quarantine and then as a community help each other as a team that has PRIDE and put Cushing back on the map and our businesses flourishing with sales and all the employees back at work. Let’s start this process by following the directions of our government, national, state, and city, by staying away from others in quarantine until this virus stalls. Until then keep life as normal as possible. Keep family close and enjoy small outings that won’t violate quarantine. During these outings consider grabbing a few small plastic bags and cleaning ANY trash spotted on your walks. Be sure to use a pickup stick or wear gloves and wash your hands well after you return.
Let me tell you about this special Adopt-A-Block team. The evening of March 10th, I had the pleasure to walk with “Team Cushing Primary Care” alongside Dr. Randy Grellner, Dr. Brian Hightower, Mrs. Courtney Elliot, their staff and family. In just over one hour, 9 full bags of trash
were removed off Harmony Rd from Main street south to 9th Street. These fast paced, FULL schedule professionals took enough time after work to accomplish a great transformation. A side note – Dr. Hightower and his young son had a serious mishap that weekend before, when a golf cart they were in went over an embankment to a 20 foot fall taking them both to the hospital. Dr. Hightower suffered 2 fractured ribs as well as a lot of “road rash”. Young Mr. Hightower took it on the chin with stitches as well as bruised ribs and “road rash”. They had
made plans the week before to “walk the walk” of their adopted block and the pain and suffering still found them out collecting trash. Thank you both and the winner of this edition’s “TRASHY” award goes to the team of “Cushing Primary Care.”