Dear Editor,
    It appears that Donald Trump does not like Africans.
    I wonder if he has ever had any personal experience with a person from Africa.
    When I taught journalism at Langston University, my most brilliant student was from Lagos, Nigeria. I learned a great deal from my Nigerian students. Their newspapers were fascinating to me.
    My pastor at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Cushing, Father Emmanuel Nduka, also from Nigeria, is a deeply religious person, who appears to have no prejudice, unlike Trump. His homilies are always thought-provoking, while Trump’s remarks seem shockingly uninformed.
    One of my previous pastors, Father Paul Obi Amaliri, was also from Nigeria. Unlike Trump, he was well-educated with master’s degrees in several fields and a doctorate in counseling psychology. He became an American citizen and joined the U.S. military where he worked as a chaplain.
    I remember his talking about the test for American citizenship. I wonder if Trump could pass that test. Trump certainly seems to lack basic knowledge about the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    One of the primary tenets of Christianity is to welcome the stranger.
    It would be refreshing if Trump could do that.