Dear Editor,
    When I was a 16-year-old senior at Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City, I was shot at by an armed robber in the parking lot behind C.R. Anthony’s store on North May Avenue in 1961.
    I was a passenger in the front seat of the assistant manager’s car. After closing time, the assistant manager, along with his wife and this time me, drove behind the store to the parking lot to follow the manager, who had the money bag, drive in his car to make a night deposit at a nearby bank.
    It was so dark that I didn’t know what was going on, but later the Oklahoma City police told me that the firewall in the car saved me from being shot.
    The more I learned, the scarier it got.
    The manager had refused to give the armed robber the money bag, so the assistant manager, with me in the front seat sitting by his wife, drove forward as the armed robber was shooting at us – so the manager could jump into our car on top of me.
    I am very grateful that I was not shot, but I haven’t liked the sound of gunfire since then.
    Can you imagine how frightening that sound is to the high school kids who were shot at in Florida?
    Yes, I am opposed to guns in school by anyone except a police officer.
    Yes, I have great difficulty understanding why anyone needs an assault rifle other than military personnel or law enforcement.
    This situation with guns in America is ridiculous.
    We need to listen to the children who do not want to be shot.