I have watched the Payne County Sheriff’s race with interest in the best candidate to provide quality law enforeement to our citizens. After examining both candidates and their experience, I would urge your vote for current Sheriff Noel Bagwell. He has the training, integrity, budgetary and administrative experience to successfully provide excellent response to Payne County residents for their law enforcement needs. Sheriff Bagwell has increased training requirements and handled personnel matters in the proper manner required by our litigious society. Sheriff Bagwell was instrumental in the design and construction of the new jail and has the expertise to efficiently staff the facility for proper operation. Bagwell would join a long list of previous undersheriffs who were trained and appointed to their positions and later elected to successfully serve after the sitting sheriffs retired. Please join me in casting your vote for Noel Bagwell who has demonstrated ability and experience for this demanding job.

Cleo Fowler