Summer is fast upon us, school is nearly out and it’s time to ask the question: do you know where your children are?

It sometimes seems as though some children go unsupervised and uncared for a good deal of the time especially when school is out. They do what kids tend to do when not otherwise engaged, they hang out together. They play video games, ride bikes, visit the pool and city parks, skateboard and other stuff.

Some of the ‘other stuff’ many of you parents may not be aware of includes staying out ‘til two in the morning, roaming streets and alleys, skateboarding across flat roofed downtown buildings, skateboarding off church roofs, tossing bricks through windows, performing daredevil bicycle tricks in dangerous locations and playing ‘chicken’ in the middle of the street. Occasionally vandalism occurs.

This is not an anti-kid letter. I have children and sixteen I claim as grandkids. I love each and every one of them dearly. Some of them need to be dealt with sternly, others gently guided. But from time to time they’ve all needed a generous dose of adult influence to make it safely out of childhood prepared for some kind of future.

None of them need to be skateboarding off tall buildings, tossing bricks through windows, or generally being disrespectful of others and their property.

Now most of the stuff I’m talking about it is not necessarily meant to be harmful, it’s just kids being kids. But if and when one of them gets killed skateboarding or bicycling off a building or falling through a roof or run over in traffic it will be too late to get the word out.

Parents; love your children. Supervise them. Know where they are and what they’re up to.

If you need help being a parent, ask for it.

While guidance (of a sort) is ultimately available from the law enforcement sector I believe guidance from family members is always more advisable.

Here’s hoping we all have a safe, memorable and happy summer ahead of us.


Rick Reiley