(Drumright, Okla.) — I was in Drumright the other evening, lamenting the fact that it was late, I was hungry, and my choices for cuisine was limited.  I didn’t really want a burger and I preferred to go inside and if possible, enjoy an adult beverage with my meal.  As I slid down Drumright’s famous Tiger Hill, the steepest main street in Oklahoma, I saw the lights burning at Los Hermanos Macias.


The rest, as they say, is history.


There was the answer to my wishes.  Delicious Mexican food – with every dish you would want and a fine collection of beverages – all inside a classic structure saved from the Boomtown era.  There they’ve created a brand new kitchen and dining area.  The smells wafting in the air made my stomach growl even louder as I perused the extensive menu and made my choice.


Sitting alone, I struck up a conversation with the owner, Angie Macias.  Our friendly chat about the historical building and its recent renovation, led her to tell me about her ghost.




Apparently after the renovation, and as they began spending long hours every day occupying the place, odd things began to happen.  Items would move about, doors would slam and floors would creak, as the poltergeist played tricks on them.  It was all a bit disconcerting at first, but they’ve made peace with their friendly ghost.  They’ve both learned to go about their respective business.


So stop in Los Hermanos Macias and enjoy some fine Mexican cuisine.  And maybe, some quiet night, you will be able to hear her stories and meet their special friend.


Los Hermanos Macias is located at 208 E. Broadway in downtown Drumright.  They are open daily from 10 am to 9 pm.  Call ahead to place an order at 918-729-8065.  Find them here on Facebook: Los Hermanos Macias