Catalyst is a Christian rock band with an interesting, if not dubious, beginning and history.

The band formed about eight years ago, and was originally a secular country-based bar band. In May of 2002, the membership of the band included Steve Thomas, Jeff Little, Curtis Baker and Marty Patterson. All four had attended Cushing High School. Steve, Curtis, and Marty graduated together in 1977. Jeff, who is “officially” the old man in the group, graduated two years earlier in 1975. The band went through a transition and began to have a more rock and blues based sound and continued to play in bars and for parties. This version of the band split in January of 2005.

As the band members of Catalyst went their own ways, the former lead vocalist, Steve Thomas, found himself drawn back to his church roots. He became the music minister for the Park Place Baptist Church in Cushing. Steve started making phone calls to his old band mates inviting them to church, asking them to play in church, and to form a Christian band. After a lot of running and hiding, the former members of Catalyst, the secular bar band, became members of Catalyst the Christian rock band. The four members of Catalyst reunited in July of 2006 and soon added a fifth member, E. J. McKinney, a ’77 classmate of Steve, Curtis, and Marty.

The beginning of the band was rocky. The idea of starting any new band is tough; add to it the pressure of a fledgling ministry, and the road gets even tougher. Catalyst, looking for direction, started out covering Christian rock songs, old standards, and turning secular rock songs into Christian-based music. Almost by accident, the first song, By Faith©, found its way to paper. That Song, written by Steve Thomas and Curtis Baker, set in motion the direction for the band. A ministry based on original music.

Currently, Catalyst is recording its first CD, which is titled, Roll Away the Stone©, which is also the name of the title song. The journey has not been easy, and it has been filled with doubt, indecision, squabbles, and loss of direction. Still, in the end, it is about His message and His glory, and with His help, we hope those that hear our music will find something that will help them in their walk.

The members of Catalyst include:

Steve Thomas: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, auxiliary percussion

Jeff Little: Lead guitar

E. J. McKinney: Electric and 12-string rhythm guitar

Curtis Baker: Bass and vocals

Marty Patterson: Drums, percussion, harmonica, and vocals