OK Energy Headlines

Rick Perry warns US energy sector on verge of ‘massive collapse’ due to coronavirus pandemic

Wednesday, April 1
  Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry warned Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the coronavirus pandemic has brought the United States’ once-thriving oil and energy sector to the verge of a... Read More

Well completions still reported in Oklahoma

Wednesday, April 1
  A slowdown in drilling permits and completion reports is seen at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in light of the oil price war and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. But Camino Natural Resources Inc... Read More

Permits to drill for March 31, 2020

Wednesday, April 1
Permits to drill issued on March 31, 2020. Custer County SWITZER #1-36-1XHM, March 30 2020 36 14N 14W NESENENE API: 03922586 Lat: 35.65051238283178, Long: -98.63317372122728 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC HH, DR, 23705... Read More

Completion reports for March 31, 2020

Wednesday, April 1
Completion reports filed on March 31, 2020. BEAVER COUNTY Stephens Exploration Inc Chester(6556): Gas 266 Flow 33 5N 21E Ginger 1-33, March 22, 2018 SH, GAS, TD: 6828 ft Lat: 36.85269, Long... Read More

Job furloughs hit major Colorado producer

Wednesday, April 1
  Nearly a month after cutting its budget by nearly 30% Houston-based Noble Energy, the second-largest oil and gas producer in Colorado started notifying hundreds of its employees they’ll be placed on unpaid... Read More

More problems for Air Force’s new KC 46 tankers

Wednesday, April 1
Those troubled new KC-46 tankers at Altus Air Force base in Southwest Oklahoma and McConnell Air Force base in Wichita, Kansas might have another problem—leading fuel lines. Boeing Co., already behind in... Read More

Why Whiting Petroleum borrowed $650 million

Wednesday, April 1
  Analysts say it’s pretty simple why Denver’s Whiting Petroleum took out $650 million in credit last week to stay alive.  The company has a reported market value of more than... Read More

Last coal power plant in New York closed this week

Wednesday, April 1
  New York State’s coal-burning era ended Tuesday when Somerset Operating Co. officially retired its power plant on the shore of Lake Ontario in Niagara County. It means the share of the... Read More

Administration to consider plan to lease oil storage sites

Wednesday, April 1
  With the country’s main oil storage hub in Cushing, Oklahoma filling up, it’s reported that the Trump administration plans to lease out space for energy companies to store oil in... Read More

Oil hovers near $20 a barrel hitting an 18-year low

Tuesday, March 31
  A day after slipping closer to the $20 a barrel mark, oil prices gained slightly but still are devastating to the industry in Oklahoma, Texas and other states. Internationally, oil prices reached their lowest... Read More