I will just get right to it…Rotarian, Elk, Board member of the Chamber of Commerce, and monthly article contributor on health issues in the Corridor magazine. Dr. Robert Mullins, owner of Natural Choice Chiropractic Clinic, has embraced this community in a big way since coming here a little over a year ago. This morning he was talking excitedly about activities and plans the chamber has for this year’s Festival in the Park. I may have some competition for Cushing Cheerleader. He fits in perfectly amongst our passionate, generous, and loving community. Dr. Robert Mullins is very soft spoken, during the interview, I was fretting about his laid-back Natural Choice posture far away from the mike, but he came through loud and clear.

His decision to move to Cushing Oklahoma from the Dallas Fort Worth area was not half hazard or random one, but an educated one. You can be proud of your school system in Cushing; His research included a search for a good school for his two children Cassidy 6 and Logan 4. Well, we all know that our school is top notch! He researched the medical and business aspects of our city as well. Yes, he was impressed. However, the biggest appeal for Dr. Mullins was the location of Cushing, right between our the beautiful Tulsa and exciting OKC  and what a nice savvy little family-oriented community Cushing was with all the flavors of success. He understands fully that the heartbeat of this city is personal relationships. Just a quick trip to the locally owned and operated grocery store or going out to lunch is an escapade! A possible new acquaintance, cinching of a business deal, breaking local news update (juicy gossip), all over the deli counter. Who knows what could happen in the frozen foods…a face book lesson???

Dr. Mullins received his degree at Parker College in Texas and was a professor teaching anatomy for 6 years. He was married in 2000 to his wife Amy. His children will be enrolling at Harmony School in the fall. Cassidy will be in the first grade, and she is in the Girl Scouts, as well as learning to play the piano, and taking horseback riding lessons. Logan will be in kindergarten. All through the interview, Dr. Robert Mullins expressed how important family was to him and he loved being deeply involved with his children and wife.

Natural Choice Chiropractic Clinic is located at 1236 E. Main St. in Cushing. His services include chiropractic adjustments, diagnosis of x-rays, electrical muscle stimulation therapy, ultra sound therapy, intersegmental traction therapy, diathermy, the IonClease therapy, and paraffin wax therapy. Natural Choice is also a Wellness Center that focuses on the alignment and proper function of the spine, joints, muscles, and other tissues of the human body. Along with a desire to improve the daily input of a proper diet, attitude and healthful exercise that can help you achieve optimal health and physical performance. You really should go to his awesome website www.NaturalChoiceChiropractic.net for more information about his clinic and services. The “Meet the Doctor”section reiterates what I just wrote…his favorite thing to do is spend time with his wife and children, he is happy to be here in Cushing and well…he is a really nice person! You can be sure Dr. Robert Mullins is up on all the latest Chiropractic methods and techniques and I urge all of you to welcome him and support him and his family. I know I do not need to tell you that…I am extremely proud to introduce him to any of you. You can call him for any questions you may have at (918) 225-1973. You can look forward to another segment of Dr. Robert Mullins on the Business Spotlight on August 7 at 10:00am on KUSH. Thank you Dr. Mullins, it was a privilege!