The much anticipated debut of KUSH Business Spotlight was aired Friday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. on 1600 AM KUSH radio. Angie, though nervous, was warm and welcoming – and ultimately grateful – to her first guests Mr. James (Jim) Wasson and his grandson Dillon. Here’s what Angie had to say about the Wassons:

I call him the Gentle Giant: 6ft 2in. soft spoken, a twinkle in his blue eyes and a ready smile. Mr. James (Jim) Wasson and grandson Dillon came in to the station and gave a great interview. What did we learn? That Angie was true to the horoscope Bruce read over the air earlier while she was getting ready for her show…”you will have trouble verbalizing your thoughts today!” Thankfully, Mr. Wasson and Dillon were not at all nervous and chatted up a storm. We learned that JLT Corp. (J for James- L for Larry and T for Tammy), PRS Inc. ran by Jim Scism, and JLT Contracting, LLC ran by Tammy are 3 separate entities that work together, contract, repair and maintain pavement and asphalt projects. They designed and built the ROADMASTER machine that is a surface grinding asphalt profiler. They work all over the U.S. and are currently working in Michigan.

James met his wife Linda in elementary school then reacquainted on the campus of NSU in Tahlequah while attending college. We also learned that he was in the military, (the Oklahoma National Guard division) and worked all the way up to Brigadier General. (I wouldn’t want to mess with him!) He told us about his many travels, including a trip to Scotland where he played golf on the oldest course in the world, St. Andrews.

Dillon could not wait to get in front of the mike! He told us who his favorite teacher was – Mr. Hawkins and that his favorite subjects are math and science. He told us about the latest class trip to Career Tech, where all the students were given an interest inventory test. The results showed that Dillon would make a good lawyer, engineer or police officer. He plays a lot of sports including basketball, football and golf. Dillon is a huge OU fan and was able to attend the game in Seattle, Washington to watch OU and The University of Washington play. He attends the First Presbyterian Church where he is involved in various youth activities. Dillon is the son of Tammy Wasson and the grandson of Jim and Linda Wasson.

We want to thank the Wassons for their time and enthusiasm with KUSH and for all they do in and around the community. Of course, this includes Miss Tammy and Jim’s wife Linda, (the luscious lemon bar maker, in on that!)

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