(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Yale man who is accused of dragging his girlfriend down the hall by her hair, whipping her with a metal belt repeatedly and kicking her in the ribs has been charged with aggravated assault and battery.

    An arrest warrant was issued earlier this month for Travis Allen Jones, 32, but he has not yet been taken into custody, a spokesman for the Payne County Sheriff’s Office told KUSH Tuesday morning.

    If convicted of beating his girlfriend so severely that she suffered several broken ribs and a punctured lung, Jones could be given a five-year prison term, according to court documents.

    Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Chadwell was sent to Jones’ neighbor’s residence where he spoke to the alleged victim on June 26, court records show.

    She said that Jones “had been beating her over the past several days,” at his rural Yale residence, where she was living with him, the deputy alleged in an affidavit.

    She said that on June 23 Jones dragged her down the hall by her hair, on June 24 and again on June 25 he whipped her with a belt on her leg — and on June 26, he kicked her in the ribs, the affidavit alleged.

    She was experiencing severe pain when she was admitted to Cushing Regional Hospital with broken ribs and a punctured lung, the affidavit said.

    “Jones was not on scene when I arrived at the neighbor’s house, which is where I took the initial report,” the deputy wrote in his affidavit for an arrest warrant.

    Six years before that alleged incident, Jones then-wife obtained an emergency protective order against him in March 2005 that was dismissed two weeks later on her request, court records show.

    In her petition for a protective order, Jones then-wife wrote, “He has done this on and off ever since I’ve been pregnant.”

    She alleged in her EPO petition that she had been slapped, had bottles thrown at her when she was cooking dinner, yelled at in front of their child and hit her while she was lying down by their child.

    “He kicked me and (their child) out one night in the cold with no gas in the truck and no money,” she wrote in her petition.

    He threw food at her and called her names including “a worthless person,” she wrote in her petition.

    “He kicked me in the legs — he was laying in the floor and I was standing up holding (their child) in my arms. He kicked me in the bottom of my leg and was trying to kick my kneecaps,” she alleged in her petition.

    “I left after that, went to my mom’s and called the sheriff’s and made a report over the phone,” she wrote in her petition.

    Two months after that EPO was dismissed, she obtained another emergency protective order against Jones — who then filed for divorce three days later, court records show.

     In that May 2005 petition for a protective order that was dismissed three years after their divorce, she wrote, “Travis Jones came to my mother’s house and I walked outside to talk to him about getting our daughter to stay with me.

    “He spit in my face and called me names. Then I got into the truck to get (their daughter) from him because he said that I would never see her again, and then he said ‘If you take her out of her car seat, I will hit you in your f…… face,"” she alleged.

    “So I did and he did hit me over and over again, and I jumped out of the truck with (their daughter) and ran inside, and he went after my mother to get her off the phone.

    “The cops came and made him go home. Thursday he came over to my aunt’s house with other people in his grandma’s car. The gate was locked and my cousin and friend went up to the gate to see who was there.

    “Travis chased them into Cushing trying to run them off of the road going 95 miles per hour because he thought (his daughter) and I were in there.

    “The sheriff was called and OHP was called. They went looking for him and no one has heard from him since,” she wrote in that protective order petition.