(Ripley, Okla.)  Ripley School Band is continuing to accept donations for their upcoming trip to Hawaii for the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  The band is one of only 13 bands across the United States to be invited to play at the commemorative service on Dec. 7th, 2011.
Deadline to make a donation is October 15th.

A gentleman known only as “Earl” caught up with the Ripley Band Fundraiser Group at the Cowboy Church gathering Friday, Sept. 30th.  Earl generously donated $100 toward their trip in honor of a family member, Wilbur Fisk, who served at Pearl Harbor.

Two veterans (Jesse Wilson and Charles Montanero) from American Legion Post 108 in Cushing paid a visit to the band room to present a check in the amount of $500 from the Post.  “Both men stressed how important it was for us to remember our past wars,” Ripley Band director Kent Taylor said.  “Wanting to make sure as a country we never forget the freedom so many gave their lives for.”

American Legion Post 108 is proud to have a member – Richard Cullison – who was at Pearl Harbor the day of the bombing.  Cullison and his wife Bonnie live in Cushing.

All those working so hard to raise the funds for Ripley Band would like to thank everyone who has given toward their trip. 

“RHS band would like to thank everyone who has made a donation!  This trip is an honor that we treat with great pride and respect.”  ~Ripley Band Fundraiser Group

To make a donation: Email [email protected]   You can also visit their Facebook page: Ripley Oklahoma (Ripley Pearl Harbor Trip)