Rotarians were treated to the images of Tim Jessell, illustrator, at Thursday’s regular meeting.  Jessell, guest of Rotarian of the Day, Khris Fowler, now resides in Stillwater after earning a bachelor of fine arts degree in commercial design from The University of Tulsa.

Jessell grew up in Terra Haute, Indiana and began drawing at a very young age.  He said at age 3, he impressed his mother by replacing his initial stick figure with a man in full scuba gear.  “I was into Sea Hunt,” Jessell chuckled.  It wasn’t long before he realized, “I could draw anything I could think of.”

His illustration style has been described as “realistic with a twist.”  Companies such as Texaco, Anheuser Busch, TIME, American Airlines, AT&T, Land’s End catalogue and even Hasbro have used his images.

Calling himself a “tradigital artist,” Jessell creates his images in a traditional manner, digitally.  He’s received numerous awards, not the least of which was being chosen as Illustrator of the Year by ADWeek magazine.

Books, posters, advertising, sports events – are all on his long list of illustrations.  OSU fans in particular may recognize some of his work.

To find out more about Tim Jessell and view his portfolio, go to