According to reports from Cushing police, there have been two cars stolen in Cushing in the past week.  “That’s two too many!” Chief Terry Brannon said.  Both vehicles were later recovered outside the city.

Although unintentional, many car owners – due to carelessness or unconcerned behavior – invite thieves to steal their car.  However, the chances of having your car stolen can be greatly minimized by simply removing the opportunity by taking a few precautionary measures. 

If your car is too much trouble to steal, a thief will look for another car. Here are some simple steps to take that will make your car harder to steal.

When parking your Vehicle:

-ALWAYS take the key out of the ignition, roll the windows up tight and lock the doors whenever you park your vehicle, even if only for a minute.

-NEVER leave your motor running without you in it. It’s unsafe!

-Park in a well-lighted, busy spot if possible. A car thief would rather work where he is not seen. Check your car from time to time.

-If you have a garage, use it! Lock both your car and the garage. If you don’t have a garage, park in a driveway instead of the street, if possible.

-Never hide spare keys in a secret place or in a magnetic key box under the hood or other accessible places. Car thieves routinely check the visors and ash tray and look under the floor mats. If you feel better with spare keys close at hand, then carry them with you.