(Stillwater) — A bench warrant has been issued for an ex-convict from Cushing who failed to appear in court last week to be sentenced to prison for passing two forged checks at Cushing stores on the same day in 2008.
    Judy Diann Alvarado, 49, also known as Betty Skinner, has a criminal record of 21 forgery counts between 1998 and 2004, court records show.
    She also has been known by the surnames of Cook, Hickey and Weiss, according to state Department of Corrections records, which show that she got out of prison two years ago after serving about two and one-half years for forgery.
    For her latest forgery charges in Payne County, on which she had been allowed to remain free on $7,500 bail, Alvarado had a plea bargain for five years’ incarceration, which may be withdrawn by the prosecution since she failed to appear in court for sentencing June 8.
    In her last court appearance on May 15, Alvarado pleaded guilty to passing two forged checks, both belonging to a Cushing woman, one for $35 to Maverick Mini-Mart and the other for $20 to L&N Liquor Store, both on April 12, 2008, court records show.
    According to Payne County court records, Alvarado was convicted of seven forgery counts filed in 1998 and a forgery count filed in 2000, for which she received two seven-year sentences in 2001.
    She was convicted of six more forgery counts filed in 2003 and seven more forgery counts filed in 2004, for which she received two 20-year sentences in 2004, all in Payne County, court records show.
    At the time of her latest forgery charges, she was on probation for 15 years after having discharged a five-year prison term in 2007, DOC records show.