(Ripley) – Cushing Ambulance and Rescue Units responded to a 3 vehicle accident Friday Morning that killed two people, and injured a third. One of the vehicles was a school bus from Meridian Technology Center with only the driver on board. The accident occurred on State Highway 33 just west of the junction with Highway 18 South. Cushing Fire Chief Brent Kerr says that Cushing Emergency Personnel responded at 7:11 AM, with two ambulances and a rescue unit. Kerr says extensive extrication was involved in removing the victims.

A medical helicopter was dispatched to the scene, but did not transport any victims. One victim was taken by ambulance to Cushing Regional Hospital. The victim’s condition is unknown.

Traffic was being diverted off Highway 33 onto highway 18 South West of Cushing, southward to 9th street, and westbound for two miles.

The roadway was blocked for more than two hours. None of the victims identities have been released.

The investigation by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is still underway.