(Cushing, OK)  Celebrate Valentine’s Day by falling in love with a new book. Will it turn out to be a dud or a dream date? Unlike a face to face date, you can return it and no one’s feeling are hurt. No awkward questions, no forced conversations, no need to call, just a blind date with a book. Come and choose a book from our blind date display. Read it and rate your date by completing the slip found inside the book. Slips are turned in for a chance to win a Valentine’s surprise. What will your date be like? There’s no knowing until you check it out!

Got Wi-Fi?

We have a few hot spots available for check out. If your device can connect to a wireless router, you can use our hotspots for internet access where a mobile signal is possible. Another great example of why you should have a library card! You can find out more at the front desk at the Library!