Cushing – Children’s librarian Michael Hanes has been hired as the new library director for the Cushing Public Library following the retirement of long-time director Ladawn Conner. Hanes has been serving as interim director since Conner’s retirement in May and holds a Level III certification with distinction from the Oklahoma Library Association.

Dr. Frank Denney, Chairman of the Cushing Public Library Citizen’s Advisory Board, said, “We are very pleased with Michael’s hiring, and look forward to supporting him in his new role.” He continued, “The library has excellent librarians, and because it is such a remarkable place, we are excited to see its future become even brighter in this community.”

Hanes has been with the library since 2009, serving as the Children’s Librarian. During his tenure, Hanes has been instrumental in the growth of kid’s literacy programming. Hanes will begin his duties as director today following a meeting with library staff.

“We are extremely excited to have Michael transition into his new role,” said City Manager Terry Brannon. “His positive, welcoming attitude, drive and enthusiasm are qualities I am positive will continue to make a positive impact for our team and patrons alike. The library world is ever evolving in the age of information. I believe Michael can lead staff to continually assess where the library is, and where it needs to go to be highly responsive to patron needs internally and externally. He values lifelong learning and literacy, so we are excited to see where he takes future programming of the library.”

Hanes was chosen following interviews with other highly qualified candidates. The city will be looking to Hanes to be a high-visibility staff member while collaborating and partnering with the community and school, especially when it comes to literacy programming.