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Published on: 04/30/2010

Cushing FFA Celebrates Years Achievements

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Zach Amon and Shandeel Allen Performed at the Annual State FFA Convention.
The Cushing FFA Chapter recently celebrated their accomplishments on the State level at the 84th Annual Oklahoma FFA Convention held in Oklahoma City. All 355 FFA chapters and over 10,000 members, teachers, parents and guests gathered to reward members for their agriculture projects (SAE's) their contests (CDE's) and display some of the most talented members from across the state.

Two Cushing members, Shandee Allen and Zack Amon were selected to perform their music during the convention. Shandee sang a song that she had written herself entitled "Rodeo Man" and Zack played a medley of guitar solos from various rock bands. Both members were accepted with a rousing applause before, during and after their performances.

Four Cushing members received recognition for their accomplishment in mastering a standardized test in selected areas of agriculture. To receive a plaque at the convention, members had to make above a 75% on a test developed by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education. DeShea Ladd took the Animal Science test and Robbie Smith, Ashleigh Pittser and Ashlea Smith took the Nursery Operations test.

In the Agriscience Fair competition, Cushing FFA dominated the rest of the field. Ashlea Smith won her division with her experiment using water saving crystals to grow geraniums. Emily Smith also won her division with her experiment using livestock waste to grow various bedding plants. Brian Barton performed a fertility test on Purple Fountain grass and he also won his division. Taylor German received second place for her experiment testing which type of probiotics were best to grow broiler chickens. Ashlea Smith was also recognized as second in the Agriscience Student of the Year category.

In the proficiency awards, Cushing had more top three finalists (six) than any other chapter in Oklahoma other than Drummond, who also had six finalists. But Cushing had more first places (3) than Drummond. Taylor German in Agriculture Sales, Ashlea Smith in Diversified Horticulture and Koy Ramsey in Landscape Management were the Cushing State Champions. In other areas, Emily Smith (Floriculture) received second place, McKenzie Stanford (Dairy Cattle) placed second and Brian Barton (Nursery Operations) placed third.  These six members received $3000 collectively as thes awards come with cash awards as well as a plaque.

A few days prior to the convention, the State contests were held to determine which chapter had the most knowledgeable members in many different areas. In the Electricity contest the Cushing team composed of Koy Ramsey, Megan Wright and Colby Hunt placed 4th and Koy was the 6th best individual of the contest. In the Floriculture contest, the team composed of Tim McCool, Ashlea Smith, Robbie Smith and Ashleigh Pittser placed 3rd and Ashleigh received a third place individual medal at the convention. The Nursery team of Kyle Johnson, Marli Claytor, Merissa Goodman and  Trey Gore placed 4th and Marli was the 6th high individual of that contest. In a new CDE for Cushing to compete in, DeShea Ladd participated in the Job Interview CDE in which she was interviewed three times and had to write follow up letters and prepare a resume.

As a reply to a request by the Oklahoma FFA staff, the Cushing Chapter submitted an item to the FFA Silent Auction that was held to raise money for additional support for statewide FFA activities. Koy Ramsey constructed a decorative shadow box that raised $55. This beautiful box contained an FFA emblem that was backlit with a lamp for illumination. The emblem was painted by Mrs. M.J. Henderson-Smith, Cushing High School Art instructor, in a cooperative activity with the Cushing FFA chapter.

The Cushing FFA Chapter was supervised at the convention by FFA Advisors Alan Smith and Codie Shenold and a student teacher from Oklahoma State University, David Layton. Parents in attendance were Nancy German, Troy and Imogene Stanford, Melonie Smith and Allen and Mary Barton.

The FA chapter can now focus on the upcoming Plant Sale on May 5th and the FFA Banquet on May 15. In addition they don't slow down after school as the annual Youth Fishing Derby will be held on May 29.